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Ekebergia pterophylla

   (Family: Meliaceae)
Afrikaans: rotsessenhout English: rock ash  EDIT
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Plant Type: EDIT  Shrub
Tree No.: 299
Height: 2 - 5m
Special properties:
  Frost Tolerant (light)
Rarity Status:
Preferred rainfall: Summer
Preferred position:
Full Sun
Tolerated soil:  
  Sand (coarse texture, drains easily),
Clay (fine texture, holds a lot of water)
Biome: Forest
Flowering time EDIT
            x x x x x  
Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Flower colours
Flower shape
  Flower scent EDIT
  sweetly scented
  Flower info
  The small, sweetly scented flowers are borne in compact clusters from July to November, they are mainly white in colour but are also often tinged pink. The plants are dioecious, meaning unisexual, so male and female flowers occur separately - on different plants.
Leaf shape EDIT
Leaf margin
Leaf type
Leaf arrangement
Leaf texture Smooth
Bark / Stem type
  Leaf info EDIT
  The alternate, compound, blue-green leaves have one or two pairs of leaflets with a rounded terminal leaflet, but the most distinguishing characteristic is the broadly winged rachis and petiole.
Fruit type EDIT
Fruit colour
Sow seeds in Autumn
  Seed info EDIT
  Small, fleshy, round, berry-like fruits are borne from February to May. They start out pale yellow and ripen through red to black
Description EDIT
Sturdy shrub or small, evergreen tree with a flat crown and tidy habit, slow growing, from 2 to 5 m tall. The main stem is usually attractively gnarled, although in a sheltered position it will grow straighter, with light to dark grey bark that may often appear mottled.
Growing EDIT
Distribution EDIT
History EDIT
Ecology EDIT
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