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Bulbine latifolia

   (Family: Asphodelaceae)
Afrikaans: Rooiwortel  EDIT
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Plant Type: EDIT  Shrub
Height: 0.2m
Special properties:
  Drought Resistant (heavy)
  Frost Tolerant (light)
  Has Medicinal Uses
Rarity Status:
Preferred rainfall: Summer
Preferred position:
Full Sun
Biome: Thicket
Flowering time EDIT
                x x x  
Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Flower colours
Flower type
  Flower info
  The inflorescence consist of 1-4, densely flowered racemes 400-1017 mm tall. The flowers are carried on the upper half, (up to 8 flowers opened at a time). Flowers about 7-12 mm in diameter, crowded bearing membranous bracts. Flower stalks 12-14 mm long, terete. The 6 petals are yellow, spreading and 7 mm long. The filaments of the stamens are bearded which distinquishes it from Bulbinella, a genus with which it is often confused. Style 6 mm long.
Leaf shape EDIT
Leaf margin
Leaf size 19 - 400mm
  Leaf info EDIT
  The leaves are triangular-lanceolate190-400 x 30-60 mm green, with faint lines, firm, ascending, older leaves becoming recurved; upper surface flat, slightly chanelled towards the end; lower surface flat to somewhat rounded margin acute, and bearing a minute fringe of hairs (minutely ciliate). The point tapers to a acute point.
Fruit type EDIT
Sow seeds in
Seed colour
  Seed info EDIT
  Fruits are small capsules, rounded and when ripe releasing small blackish flattened wind dispersed seed.
Description EDIT
Growing EDIT
Distribution EDIT
History EDIT
Ecology EDIT
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