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Protea magnifica

   (Family: Proteaceae)
English: Queen Sugarbush  EDIT
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Plant Type: EDIT  Shrub
Height: 2.5m
Spread: 2.5m
Rarity Status:
Preferred rainfall: Winter
Preferred altitude: 1200 - 2700m
Preferred position:
Full Sun
Flowering time EDIT
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Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Flower colours
  Flower info
  Both sexes in each flower. Flowers are formed on second year wood. The large, 150-200mm flowers, have colorful bracts, ranging from pale yellow, pink, salmon or red, edged with powder-puff fluff of pure white. The centers are also incredibly fluffy, white, centered with a knob of jet black.
Leaf margin
  Leaf info EDIT
  Leathery, oblong leaves, of a dark gray-green color.
  Seed info EDIT
  Seeds dispersed by wind
Description EDIT
Bearded protea. An erect to sprawling shrub up to 2.5m tall.

This species grows in very harsh conditions, mostly high on mountain slopes where it is colder and more windy.
Growing EDIT
Susceptible to frost.
Requires good drainage and will not do well in gardens that are boggy.
Cultivate in full sun, in very well-drained soil, in a situation with excellent air movement. Excellent along the coast.

Avoid high humidity.
Distribution EDIT
Koue Bokkeveld to Hottentots-Holland Mountains, Klein Swartberg, Riversonderend Mountains and central Langeberg

Montane, hot dry slopes near the snow line, 1200-2700m
History EDIT
Heavily picked - the prize cut flower in the trade. The best flowerheads still come from the wild.
The flowers last for a very long time and look great in dried flower arrangements as well.
Ecology EDIT
This Protea is one of those with lignotubers that allow regrowth even when the top is killed entirely. This is a fire adaptation that also works well with frost.
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