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Leucospermum reflexum var. luteum

   (Family: Proteaceae)
Afrikaans: geel perdekop English: yellow rocket pincushion  EDIT
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Plant Type: EDIT  Shrub
Height: 3.5 - 4m
Special properties:
  Frost Tolerant (light)
Rarity Status:
Preferred rainfall: Winter
Preferred altitude: 1000 - 2000m
Preferred position:
Full Sun
Tolerated soil:  
  Clay (fine texture, holds a lot of water),
Sand (coarse texture, drains easily)
pH: acid
Biome: Fynbos
Flowering time EDIT
            x x x x    
Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Flower colours
Flower type
  Sugarbirds and Sunbirds
  Flower info
  flower is tube-like and made up of velvety floral parts called the perianth segments on which the anthers are placed. These surround the long style which escapes from the tube to form the 'pin' and the perianths then curl away from it. Young flowers are curved to start with, and then bend back toward the stem as they mature.
Leaf shape EDIT
Leaf type
Leaf arrangement
Leaf texture Hairy
Bark / Stem type
Leaf size 20 - 55mm
  Leaf info EDIT
  The more or less elliptic, simple leaves are covered with dense grey hairs. They are about 20-55 x 5-13 mm, with 2-3 glandular teeth at the tip.
Sow seeds in Autumn
  Seed info EDIT
  The seeds ripen about 1-2 months after flowering and are then released.
Description EDIT
Growing EDIT
Cuttings can be taken in late summer or autumn and should be terminal or lateral shoots which should be growing in an erect position on the bush. Cuttings should be about 200-250 mm long, dipped in a growth hormone powder or solution and placed into a coarse, well-drained rooting medium in a mist bed with a bottom heat of 22-25°C. Good air movement is important to prevent fungal diseases. Rooting may take between 8 and 16 weeks and the plants should then be transplanted into bags, also containing a well-drained, sandy soil mixture and hardened off under 50% shadecloth for about a month before exposing them to full sunlight to further harden off.
Distribution EDIT
History EDIT
Ecology EDIT
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