Gymnopilus Hybridus

(Family: Cortinariaceae)
Orange tuft
Gymnopilus Hybridus
by: klair


Shallow convex, flattening. Ochraceous yellow becoming orange. Margin pale and incurved. Cape surface tends to crack.

Pileus (Cap) / Gill:

  • convex Shape: Convex
  • glabrous Decorations: Glabrous
  • adnexed Gill attachment: Adnexed
  • No decurrent tooth
  • crowded Gill spacing: Crowded

Gills crowded, attached. Ochraceous yellow.


  • equal Shape: Equal
  • unswollen Base: Unswollen
  • cortina Annulus: Cortina

25mm-50mm long x 4mm-8mm Ochraceous with white downy base. Ring young specimens are covered by a silky white veil but this disappears with age. Flesh Ochraceous cream.


Grows on wood

Tree stumps, especially pine. Smell seet, perfumed, especially if inclosed in a container.


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