Coprinus micaceus

(Family: Coprinaceae)
common ink cap, inky cap, Mica ink-cap
Coprinus micaceus
by: klair


Cap: 20-150 mm, oval when young, expanding to broadly convex or bell-shaped, sometimes with a curled up and or tattered margin; honey brown, tawny, amber, or sometimes paler; becoming paler with age, especially towards the margin; buttons covered with mica-like granules which frequently wash off with rain or dew; the margin lined or grooved, usually halfway towards the center or more.

Pileus (Cap) / Gill:

  • convex Shape: Convex
  • wart Decorations: Wart
  • free Gill attachment: Free
  • No decurrent tooth
  • crowded Gill spacing: Crowded

Delicate and pale, becoming black.


  • equal Shape: Equal
  • unswollen Base: Unswollen
  • none Annulus: None

40mm-80mm long x 2mm-4mm. Hollow. When young, covered with stiff, fine hairs which give it a silky appearance.


Grows on plant material/manure

Large, crowded groups grows on or near rotten tree stumps, especially those of deciduous varieties, in streets, yards, gardens and fields, common after good rains.


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