Boletus granulatus

(Family: Bolbitiaceae)
Granular-stalk Bolete, Weeping Bolete
Boletus granulatus
by: klair


Grows in large overlapping clusters under pines The sticky orange-tan cap, small, yellow tubes and creamy yellow stem, dotted with granules of dried droplets, are distinguishing features.

Pileus (Cap) / Gill:

  • convex Shape: Convex
  • glabrous Decorations: Glabrous
  • none Gill attachment: None
  • No decurrent tooth
  • none Gill spacing: None

Dome-shaped, expanding to convex and flattening with age. Light orange tan, becoming deeper in colour and sticky when wet. Tubes samll less tan 1 mm in diameter and 7mm deep.


  • equal Shape: Equal
  • tapering Base: Tapering
  • none Annulus: None

35mm-80mm long x 7mm-15mm. Creamy yellow, flushing reddish or purplish brown towards base. Upper half is covered with yellow, flushing reddish or purplish brown


Grows in woods

Grows in overlapping clusters under pines.


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