Amanita Strobiliformis

(Family: Amanitaceae)
Fir-cone Amanita
Amanita Strobiliformis


The spores are elliptical.

Pileus (Cap) / Gill:

  • convex Shape: Convex
  • wart Decorations: Wart
  • free Gill attachment: Free
  • No decurrent tooth
  • crowded Gill spacing: Crowded

The cap is 6 to 17.5 mm across, is rough with warts which sometimes fall away leaving the cap smooth, whitish, and sometimes has some brown. The gills are free and rounded behind. Pale cream to pinkish buff.


  • equal Shape: Equal
  • bulbous Base: Bulbous

The stem is 6 to 17 mm long, thick, white, bulbous, and sometimes weighs a pound. Solid white floccose, particularly where one would expect to find a ring. Ring present but difficult to distinguish because of the floccose texture. The veil is large and sometimes adhere to the margin of the cap.



This mushroom is common and is found growing in rings on grasslands near pine trees.


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