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Coprinus plicatilis

   (Family: Coprinaceae)
Common name: Fairy Parasol, Japanese Umbrella,  EDIT
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Edibility: EDIT Edible
Size: 5 - 15 mm
Grey (Cinereous)
Spore bearing structure:   Gills
Spore colour:
Smell / taste: Odourless
Fruiting season: autumn
General info: EDIT
Cap 5-15mm high x 9-14mm in diameter. membranous, pleated and so thin that it is almost translucent. Domed, expanding to shallowly convex. Buff to yellowish ochraceous in centre, greying from the margin as it matures.
Pileus (Cap) / Gill: EDIT
Pileus (Cap) shape: convex
Pileus (Cap) decorations: glabrous
Gill attachment: free
Gill has decurrent tooth:  
Gill spacing: crowded
  Pileus (Cap) / Gill info: EDIT
  The white gills turn grey and then black; they radiate from a collar around the top of the stem. and are thin and quite well spaced. Spores ellipsoid to almond-shaped.
Stem: EDIT
Stem shape: equal
Stem base: unswollen
Annulus: none
  Stem info: EDIT
  30-70 mm long x 1-2 mm whitish. Slender with a slight basa bulb.
Habitat: Found in fields, lawns or on roadsides
Habitat info: EDIT
In short grass on lawns and sometimes in parks and meadows, usually in small groups.
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