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Cecilia Forest

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Duration: EDIT 1.5 - 2hrs
Distance: EDIT
Difficulty: EDIT  An easy stroll
Fear Factor: EDIT  No exposure to heights
Last updated: 10 September 2012
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Description EDIT
Starting at Cecilia Forest car park where Hohenhort Drive meets Rhodes Drive.

This is an relatively easy walk with mild uphill sections.

This is a leisurely walk that will take you through the forest, up and along towards Constantia Nek. This is a great walk if you want to avoid the direct heat on a sunny day. The actual walk is very easy going and takes you along gravel road and a few small paths. From the car park you will walk up a gradual incline, but nothing overly strenuous. There is a really interesting little section that that takes you off the road into a single track path. Some people even say that there are forest fairies that live in the trees here. The route turns back just before Constantia Nek and heads back to Cecilia Forest via a lower trail. There are a couple of streams along the way which allow you to take a welcoming sip of cool mountain water, but be sure to take some other refreshments along.

• The walk begins at the Cecilia Forest car park where Hohenhort Drive meets Rhodes Drive
• Follow the dirt road until you reach a fork. Take the road to the left.
• Shortly after the fork, keep your eye out for a single track path that leaves the road and heads up and to the right.
• Follow the single track until you reach another dirt road. Turn left when you reach this road.
• This next section of road is fairly flat. Walk for the next 1km. You will then need to keep your eye out for the next path that leaves the road that heads up and to the right.
• If you reach a fork in the gravel road with one road heading back and down to the left and the other continuing round to the right, you have missed the path. Walk back 20m and you will see the path heading upwards.
• When you pop out on the road, head left, down the road.
• At the next fork turn left. If you had to continue straight you would reach Constantia Nek.
• Follow this road downhill. Take the next road up and to the left.
• You know you are on the right track if you hit the mountain stream in the next 100m.
• At the next fork in the road take the right turn which continues downhill.
• The next fork down to the right takes you back to the Cecilia Forest car park.

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27 May 2010 17:49
This is a favorite place for dog walkers.
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