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Devils Peak via Saddle path

WESTERN CAPE > CapeTown South africa EDIT
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Duration: EDIT 4 hrs
Distance: EDIT 3km
Difficulty: EDIT  Tiring
Fear Factor: EDIT  No exposure to heights
Last updated: 22 April 2014
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Description EDIT
There's no shade on this route, the easiest way to the top of Devil’s Peak, so start early as it’s a fairly sustained climb, but the unusual perspective on Table Mountain and the 360-degree view from the top make the effort worthwhile. Park on Tafelberg Road opposite the sign to "Devil's Peak via the Saddle" and follow the trail as it gradually ascends to the contour path.

Once there, turn right and, at the next junction, leave the contour path, following signs to Devil’s Peak, and continue your ascent until a junction at a big rock, Saddle Rock, which is roughly the halfway point.

Turn right and follow the stream that flows down from the saddle until you see the well-defined path, marked by beacons, leading straight up to the triangular peak on your left. The path is steep and a bit eroded so take care, particularly on the descent.

A short section of zigzags brings you to a junction at a nek. Turn right and keep heading up to a ridge that leads to the summit beacon. You should gain this within two hours of leaving the car and, once on top, you will enjoy one of the best views on the whole Cape Peninsula. Return by the same route, (taking care to turn right when you reach the lower contour path, in order to descend to your car). Or, if you have left a car on the other side, you can descend via the shaded Newlands Ravine.

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