Plant of the Week

Salvia chamelaeagnea

Salvia chamelaeagnea
Submitted by: klair
A dense shrub, growing almost 2 metres high, with many strong, upright stems. The stems are square- shaped, a typical feature of the family Lamiaceae. Bears light violet-blue flowers with pale lower lips and white throats, also found in mauve and pink to pure white.More

Simply Deliciosus

by Bossiedokter Lactarius deliciosus The appearance of this gill-fungus of the pinewoods is against it, although it is a good edible one and very common. Its general colouring when young is vivid carrot to orange or orange-brick, and to this it often adds in aging a rather daunting verdigris green. Old plants... More
Simply Deliciosus

Hike of the Week

Tranquillity Cracks

Where: Table mountain, Camps Bay
Duration: 3 - 5 hrs

Tranquillity Cracks, also known as Yellowwood Cracks takes its name from the forest of Yellowwoods growing from a crack in the skull of Table Mountain.

Start this walk from the Table Mountain Nature Reserve signpost on Theresa Avenue above Camps Bay. Follow the path beyond the gate to the Pipe...

  • Strenuous
  • Some mild rock scrambling
Tranquillity Cracks
Submitted by: klair
Scleroderma cepa
Submitted by: klair

Mushroom of the Week

sdsd Scleroderma cepa

Size: 10mm - 80mm
Habitat: Grows on the ground
other Spore bearing: Other

A pinkish to yellow-brown ball which is smooth or becomes slightly scaly. Leathery but brittle, splitting irregularly.

The thick covering or rind (peridium) encloses a purplish interior (gleba) that is solid first and gradually matures into a dry mass of spores.

Scleroderma cepa is an...

  • ovoid
  • scales


  • Shedding Light on the Moser Lamp

    Shedding Light on the Moser Lamp

    In the midst of yet another electricity blackout in the Brazilian countryside in 2002, Alfredo Moser, a mechanic from Southern Brazil’s Uberaba, and his friends discussed ways to beckon rescuers during an emergency. During these blackouts, factories tended to have power while homes were left in...
  • African Farmers Urged To Change Ways Because Weather Is Changing

    African Farmers Urged To Change Ways Because Weather Is Changing

    PEMBA, Zambia — A few decades ago, corn farmers here in Zambia’s rural southern province could predict when the annual rains would begin almost to the day. Now, October often stretches into November, and November into December, before the rain comes. The rainy season in this largely poor...


    Schools of fish. Barnacles. Seaweed. Dolphins. Whales. The highly corrosive nature of salt water. Fishing nets and lines. Submarines. Ships and boats. All things, and more, for designers and engineers of ocean energy devices to worry themselves with. Still, with the oceans covering two-thirds of...

    Sorry Europe. Sorry about the terrible winter you've been having. Scientists have said your cold, ice and snow could be a result of the shrinking Arctic ice cap. I'm not surprised if this is true. As a group of nations you've been real troopers in cutting greenhouse gas emissions. You're doing...

    It wasn’t too many year’s ago that many thought the U.S., and perhaps the world, was on track to be fueled by hydrogen. Hydrogen and fuel cells seemed a suitable replacement for petroleum fuels and internal combustion engines. Hydrogen packs plenty of energy. Cars and trucks would have the same...


  • Kirstenbosch Centenary Tree Canopy Walkway

    Kirstenbosch Centenary Tree Canopy Walkway

    The Centenary Tree Canopy Walkway is a new curved steel and timber bridge that winds and dips its way through and over the trees of the Arboretum. Inspired by a snake skeleton, and informally called 'The Boomslang' (meaning tree snake), it is a low-maintenance, low-impact sculptural raised...
  • Happy Feet tag not transmitting.

    Happy Feet tag not transmitting.

    Happy Feet, the penguin who was given a second lease on life and was given a lift part of the way back to his antarctic home has disappeared from the radar. The transmitter fitted to the penguin has stopped transmitting and currently it isn't known if this is a permanent failure or not. It could be...
  • Plant to process disposable nappies into roof tiles?

    Plant to process disposable nappies into roof tiles?

    A new plant is due to open today in in West Bromwich in the UK, designed to recycle disposable nappies and other similar items recovering the components which can then be used to manufacture a range of building products including roof tiles. The plant owned by Canadian company Knowaste, is...
  • Follow Happy Feet's Journey Home

    Follow Happy Feet's Journey Home

    Happy Feet, the Emperor penguin who lost his way and found himself stuck on a beach in New Zealand back in June and eating sand instead of snow has been released back into the wild. He got a lift part of the way on a research vessel but still has approximately 2600Kms to go before he meets up...
  • Welcome to the world's 7 Billionth person.

    Welcome to the world's 7 Billionth person.

    Well the experts don't think that they have arrived yet but it is predicted that during October somewhere in the world, probably India or China, the most populous nations on the planet, a birth will bring the total number of humans living on this fragile globe to 7 billion. Actualy the 7 Billion...