About Green Planet

At Green Planet we want to encourage an interest and appreciation for the nature surrounding us and create an environment where outdoor enthusiasts can share their experience and knowledge.

Join us in sharing your passion and create a connection with like-minded people.

A bit about the developers

Hi we're Warren & Claire, we both share a keen interest in the outdoors, we're passionate about our plants and love both creating and exploring beautiful green spaces.

Currently we're both working in the IT field, but we don't sit in the basement all day, we work out in the peaceful countryside surrounded by our plants and wildlife.

Developers & authors: Warren & Claire

In the beginning

Green Planet was started after our frustration at finding websites with good search features and ways of identifying plants.
We found that even the top ranked sites had no way of identifying a plant if you didn't know it's botanical name. This left one no choice but to sift through endless Google results which was tedius and frustrating.

So our focus has been on developing a great user experience with tons of useful tools that hopefully you will find helpful out in the field.

You will notice that we have also put alot of effort into making the site mobile friendly as well, so you can enjoy us just as much out in the field as from behind your desk.

How you can help

We really encouraged you to participate, contribute and interact with the website.

Upload your photos, share your experiences and just have fun.

This project is always under active development, so sent us ideas of how you think we could improve your Green Planet experience.


Not to end on a downer, but please don't put copyright information on the website, and where applicable give credit to your sources if you are not the original author.

We hope you stay and enjoy your tour of our Green Planet.